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A New Generation

We always hear that politics is not a young man's game.

We always hear that the GOP is too old and out of touch.

We always hear that Liberty is outdated and not electorally popular.

I say hogwash.

With smarter data-based electoral tactics, improved messaging, better targeted outreach, and the end of the old consulting class in the conservative movement and Republican Party, electoral success and the modern realization of classical American ideals is not possible, it is inevitable.

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Campaigning 101

You can't have 'fun' without 'da mentals.'

The blocking and tackling of political campaigning still works, and it works well. Expensive glossy mailers, slick TV ads, and jaw-dropping budgets for your mass communications are nice, but nothing beats good ole'-fashioned pressing the flesh.

Money Talks. People Vote. Activists Persuade.

Building a volunteer army allows you to maximize every second of time you have left before election day. But it is more than just numbers, you need to make sure your volunteers are effective messengers for your cause.

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The Biggest Upset in American History

June 10th 2014 the world changed.

Dave Brat upset then-House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in a stunning upset in the Republican Primary. Never in the history of the United States of America had a House Majority Leader been defeated in a primary.

I was Dave Brat's Campaign Manager from Day One, and together, we changed the course of history. Despite being outspent over 40:1 (likely more if you include outside money), we managed to beat Eric Cantor by a tally of 55.5 to 45.5, an 11 point margin of victory.

No incumbent will ever feel totally safe again.

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